Conure - Extended Story (Not What it Seems)

Conure - Extended Story (Not What it Seems)

Berlin based artist Conure (aka Mark Wilson) with another spectacular number that is sure to please folks who enjoy, what feels like, effortless composition with their stirring noise. This piece sends the listener into a sort of nostalgic reverie of childhood vacations; distorted VHS recordings with wind blown mics, muffled voices and ambient sounds of living that you can almost make out...almost. It's a Madeleine cookie for the ears that will conjure up all of that bitter-sweet nostalgia you weren't aware that you've been craving.

This CD has been professionally manufactured.
Mastered by Grant Richardson. Art by Marc Benner. Photo by Jennara Santurio. Recorded/Edited/Mixed Sept 2016 - April 2020.
This is a Recorded Psychic Readings release. RPR003