Lieutenant Caramel - The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell CDr + C56

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Lieutenant Caramel - The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell CDr + C56

Philippe Blanchard a.k.a. Lt. Caramel has always been a sonic Eugène Ionesco for me with a surréaliste approach to composition. I’ve stated Ionesco because of the importance of word play and the “attention” to the absurd in his compositions. Often, references are made to Nurse With Wound but I found Lt. Caramel less compromising and more consistent than his British counterpart, maybe should I say also more selective in his outputs. Philippe approach music as a free form liberal art constituted of thematic points of focus, his début album La Boîte de Pandore (1985) is a good early example of this subtle brew.

It is hard for me as a close friend and collaborator not to feel his work close to mine, an artist without pre-conceived ideas using field recordings alongside electronics in complex structures (more acousmatic and less repetitively or self-generatively oriented than yours). He won numerous prizes but always underplayed status in favour of no “non-sense” creation. We’re both involve in the yearly organised Luigi Russolo competition, promoting experimental music from academically conventional pieces to the most Industrial or Noise strands. Again, this production underlined all of the above in a reborn format: the cassette.

-Pierre Jolivet a.k.a. Pacific 231


1. The Burdened Air 13:38
2. Evil is Hell 13:39
3. Des Anges à ma fenêtre 9:06
4. L’homme-Dragon 9:06
5. Les géants dévoreurs 9:06

Side A: Marc Benner
Side B: Atelier Nautilus : Barbara Beck,
Philippe Blanchard, Serge Blanchard,
Olivier Falcou, Gabin Noir, Pierre

Recorded at Studio Acteon – Atelier
Nautilus Ecole de Musique de Faverges
Side A: Sounds from Luigi Russolo noisers
recorded at the Fondation Russolo-Pratella
thanks to Rossana Maggia and Franco

Side B: Sounds recorded at GHM Foundry

Thanks to Joël Hauer and Raynald Pasquier

This is CDROT069.