Wilt ‎– A Deep Reflecting Gloom C60

Wilt ‎– A Deep Reflecting Gloom C60

Cassette released by Self Abuse in 2020.

A1 The Fiery Visaged Firmament Expressed Abhorrence
A2 Where Poisonous And Undying Worms Prolong
A3 The Darkness Which Ascends With Me
A4 Whose Horrible Lusts Spread Misery Over The World
A5 The Earth Groans Beneath Religions Iron Age
A6 Like Darkness To A Dying Flame
B1 The Lamp Of Earthly Life Extinguished In The Dampness Of The Grave
B2 Loathing Vapours Hung
B3 Raking The Cinders Of A Crucible
B4 A Deep Reflecting Gloom
B5 Cave And Ruin